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Parliamentary meetings


Meeting with Ruth Cadbury MP - shadow minister for international trade

Meeting with Ruth Cadbury MP - shadow minister for international trade
Ruth Cadbury MP
Understanding how the Government can help, a meeting with Ruth Cadbury MP

Regular meetings with a cross section of government ministers, MPs, Ladies and Lords is a significant part of the EIA ongoing public affairs work to drive increased advocacy.

The EIA met with Ruth Cadbury MP, shadow minister for international trade. Ms Cadbury was very interested in understanding what could be done to hold the current government to account and asked the EIA specifically what we would like to see from a government in waiting.

She was keen to understand our manifesto in greater detail in the run up to the Labour Party formulating their own general election manifesto.

Ruth Cadbury agreed to submit questions on behalf of the EIA in relation to issues raised in the meeting.

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  • The events industry is only as good as the sum of its parts – the EIA represents all parts of our amazing industry. We are members because together we are so much stronger and are therefore so much better placed to deal with both our challenges and the massive opportunities that lie ahead.
    Simon Parker
  • The EIA serves as the quintessential industry forum and working group representing the cornerstones critical to all events; the organiser, the venue and the supply chain providing goods and services to the sector. Whilst it’s always been a valuable alliance for the industry, in these times of post-pandemic economic uncertainty and geo-political challenges, the ability for the industry to convene, confer and communicate as a unified sector is imperative as we seek to grow and have an even greater impact on the UK’s social and economic landscape.
    Shaun Hinds
    Manchester Central
  • The EIA is a great forum for collaboration between three of the major UK business events associations. It’s so important as an industry that we speak with one voice, that we collaborate on the biggest issues that we face and that we build mutual understanding and respect. The EIA provides the opportunity to do all of these things and is a made more powerful by all of our contributions.
    Carina Bauer